About Us

Sometimes referred to as “the Blackboard for medical schools”, LCMS+ is setting the gold standard for enterprise software in the healthcare education space. Our system helps schools of medicine, dentistry, nursing, pharmacy, etc. to graduate better-prepared healthcare professionals by streamlining effort, reducing costs, improving outcomes and facilitating accreditation reporting.

Developed at Duke University School of Medicine and designed specifically for healthcare education, LCMS+ is extremely robust, flexible and cost-effective – perfect for schools trying to endure and improve amid ever-tightening budget, personnel and technical restraints.

We bring a unique attitude and approach to our partnerships with all our client schools (including Duke, Yale, Temple, Penn State, Wake Forest, University of Chicago and many others). Our system is robust and scaleable, yet highly configurable to meet specific client business needs. And our level of service is unmatched by any competitor.

There are several things that set LCMS+ apart from other learning and curriculum management systems:

LCMS+ is event-based, not course-based. While you can view course-level information, we understand that learning takes place at the event level. And with the complex structure of healthcare education, your calendar needs to be the centerpoint of your system.


LCMS+ is highly flexible. Whether you need to modify access times or privileges for certain users, roll over existing courses and groups, or administer multiple programs across multiple campuses, the technical architecture of LCMS+ helps you accomplish your goals quickly and efficiently. Its role-based security structure gives you very granular control over user permissions, privileges, settings and reports.


LCMS+ is a holistic, fully-integrated solution. We offer curriculum mapping, content management, evaluations, exams, patient encounter tracking, clinical skills assessment, lottery and scheduling functions, support for team-based learning and much more – all within one system, for one licensing fee. We can integrate with many other external systems, but we believe that the best system houses all your data in one robust and flexible solution. The fully-integrated nature of LCMS+ gives you actionable insights that can help control costs, increase productivity and improve outcomes.


LCMS+ is fully compliant with the AAMC Curriculum Inventory reporting tool, and we are building similar relationships with other accrediting bodies in nursing, dentistry, osteopathic medicine and other disciplines. Our goal is to provide comprehensive curriculum management services across the spectrum of healthcare education.


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