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Simplifying accreditation

The system’s in-depth tracking of faculty contribution, goals and objectives and core competencies means you can align directly with the requirements of your accrediting body to prove what you taught, when and where you taught it, and how it was assessed.  This ability to completely map goals and objectives to the curriculum was cited by the LCME as a point of excellence in their latest review of the system as implemented at Duke School of Medicine.

Developers at LCMS+ have been actively involved in the MedBiquitous Consortium, and we are also an approved vendor for the AAMC Curriculum Inventory tool. We are building similar relationships with other accrediting bodies in nursing, dentistry, osteopathic medicine and other disciplines to provide comprehensive curriculum management services across the spectrum of healthcare education.


Tracking faculty contribution

The Faculty Contribution Tracking module (FCT) is an essential component of LCMS+. It calculates total faculty contribution based on class time, prep time and other customizable calculations, such as course director hours, staff costs, lab fee reimbursements, etc., to generate a report that can be run in real-time, at any time. The report shows totals by course, department, division, year, individual, and several other categories.

The final result is a set of Excel spreadsheets that can be sent to your finance department or directly fed into their database. These reports provide a high-level view of how much it’s costing to run your school or program, combined with a very granular level of detail. This gives you an invaluable tool to drive your budgetary discussions and decisions.


Putting all the pieces together

LCMS+ also offers sophisticated exam, evaluation and assessment components, a robust content management system, clinical skills assessment and patient encounter tracking capabilities, room scheduling, portfolio management, announcement and discussion board systems (linked to individual events and/or courses) and a host of other features that have been driven by the real-world demands of a high-performing academic environment.

LCMS+ is the most fully-integrated, fully-effective curriculum management system available. Let us know how we can help you!


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