What Our Clients Say

LCMS+ is a slam dunk for us… the fact that it was developed by a medical school
for medical school curricula makes it particularly applicable.”

Giulia Bonaminio, PhD
Associate Dean for Medical Education
University of Kansas School of Medicine

LCMS+ has done an amazing job of building a system
that is very user-friendly while still meeting the rigorous
reporting and curriculum support issues that we all face.”

Dr. Michael Schwartz
Assistant Dean for Curriculum
Yale School of Medicine

“The mapping and search capabilities of LCMS+ make my job 10,000 times easier!

Amy Holthouser, MD
Director, Preclinical Curriculum and Assessment
University of Louisville School of Medicine



LCMS+ offers us a comprehensive learning management tool
that is user-friendly for students, faculty and administration.
It enhances our ability to manage national and school competencies throughout the curriculum, faculty teaching effort
and student performance in a single system.”

Gerald H. Sterling, Ph.D.
Senior Associate Dean for Education
Temple University School of Medicine

“LCMS+ is a powerful tool that, once a school has put it into place, is almost impossible to live without.
This is especially true in a limited-resource institution like ours. We have seen significant changes in both learning and teaching.”

Lucy Killewo, LMS Specialist
Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre (Tanzania)

“In my experience, the level of attention and devotion to
product and client is unheard of at any price point.”

Bob Kennedy
Senior Instructional Designer and Implementation Lead
Penn State College of Medicine




LCMS+ has solved our curriculum mapping problem!”

Brandy Close, M.Ed.
Director of Curricular Affairs, Instructional Design and Academic Technologies
Oklahoma State University College of Osteopathic Medicine




“The mapping capabilities were a key component of the impressive all-in-one functionality
offered by LCMS+. In addition, the ability to configure the system to meet our educational
and administrative needs, and the level of satisfaction we heard from other LCMS+ clients,
drove our decision to select this system for our curriculum management needs.”

Dr. Jennifer Koestler
Senior Associate Dean for Education
New York Medical College