We can help you put the pieces together.

We can help you put the pieces together.

LCMS+ is a specialized learning management system developed at Duke University School of Medicine, where it has been in continuous use since 2005. It is the product of a highly sophisticated team of educators, clinicians, deans and technologists working together to create a solution that fits new models of competency-based education in an integrated curriculum.

LCMS+ can help you pull the pieces of curriculum management together to meet the requirements and realities of healthcare education. And we can help you get it done faster, better and easier than you’re doing it now, because:

LCMS+ is calendar-based and event-driven. This makes it the best choice for healthcare education. Most other LMS are course-based and lack the granular level of detail you need to effectively manage your educational enterprise.


LCMS+ is designed to facilitate accreditation reporting and to allow you to easily and accurately track the teaching, learning and assessment activities in your curriculum. Making accreditation smoother and simpler is a big part of what your educational technology should do for you, and it’s a key focus of LCMS+.


The multi-program, multi-campus functionality of LCMS+ helps support your interprofessional education initiatives by allowing you to share common resources – such as faculty or facilities – while keeping things like financials, objectives and reporting discrete for each program.


LCMS+ is built to continue meeting and exceeding the goals of healthcare education. We want to be more than just your vendor; we are working to build a vibrant collaborative community among the educators and institutions who use our system, and to support and facilitate communication and innovation in healthcare education.

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